"Moreau" Tui and Nikau
"Moreau" Tui and Nikau
"Moreau" Tui and Nikau
Margaret Petchell Artist

"Moreau" Tui and Nikau

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Acrylic on Canvas 2020 

810mm x 600mm

Available for sale at The Baradene online art show until 23-8-20


In a time that increasingly dwells on the negative, my work represents nature, beauty and serenity. My paintings are an atmospheric window to a more perfect, natural world that I share through art.

As the light fades from the day into darkness, my imagined secret life of birds emerges, amongst the forest trees and bush of New Zealand. The birds invite us to share their quiet moments by captivating us with their intense expressive eyes. 

Birds in dusk light are shown within their natural habitat, or they are juxtaposed brightly lit against foliage where they wouldn’t normally be seen; a private place, now silent and tranquil, the time when their day is closing.

The feeling of this enchanted world had been emphasised by using a colour palate restricted to slightly surreal combinations of black, blues, greens, and yellow tinted golden skies to emphasise that this is the “magic hour” of the day.