About Me

I am an Auckland based portrait artist, I have been painting for the last 20 years. I am best known for my large format  bird portraits: Native NZ birds against a plain white background.  I sell paintings and produce affordable limited edition art prints of all my work. My style is realistic, detailed , my own distinct style gives the subject character and personality and a painterly twist on realism.

I began in my home studio by painting grand scale portraits of women inspired by the work of the renowned Italian photographer, Paolo Roversi. A phone call to his “Studio Luca” in Paris, requesting the right to copy his pictures brought the affirmative yes, “no one has ever asked me that before”.

During my artistic career I have explored a range of subject themes in addition to NZ native birds,  such as portraits of people, animal portraits, and flower paintings

Portrait Series Examples

Sir Ed painted from a North and South cover we shot at his home Honor Fraser painted from Paolo Roversi photo


Flower Series Examples


Moroccan Door Series Examples

Inspired after travelling to the East. My love of detail, colour, and passion for creating beauty gives me a great sense of achievement.


Old Masters Studies

The art of the old masters and Pre-Raphaelites has always captivated me. I practiced technique by replicating their masterpieces.