Koko Tui Original Painting

Koko Tui Original Painting

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Koko Tui Original Painting

Koko Tui

Original Painting by Margaret Petchell 2108

Oil on Canvas 210cm x 91 cm

The birds pose proudly as if sitting for a studio portrait, puffed up, solemn and dignified
In each of the images, the soul of the bird has been captured, creating a connection with the viewer enabling us to relate to them on an emotional level. The birds have all been named, giving them a character and identity of their own.
Intricate detail and perfection of colour and light are what first draw you in.  But what really sets the work of artist Margaret Petchell apart, is her whimsy and the depth of personality imbued in her birds and animals.
 Margaret’s work captures and delivers so much more than the outward trappings of beauty and perfection.
Her reputation as a collectable artist has grow exponentially with her original paintings gracing well-known walls around the world, as well as here in New Zealand.


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